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Dev site not working after going live and adding DNS

After I added DNS entry and SSL, i can no longer view my DEV site.

Initially I thought this was just a URL issue, where the preview button shows the incorrect URL, but now i can see that even after fixing the URL manually (i.e. typing in the correct URL), a problem is there there.

Where it just keeps showing the we just updated this page message at the top (see screen shot below)

This was working fine before changing the DNS.
All i have done is

  1. Deploy to production
  2. Update DNS
  3. Turn on SSL

Since then i have been having this problem

Just to add to this
I’ve noticed that my bubble editor keeps saying “saving” after every 5 seconds, and maybe thats why my dev sit thinks something has changed, whereas it has no

So in the screenshot below, where it says saved, that says “saving” every 5 seconds. Even though i’m not making any changes.

t changed.

@romanmg Any idea what could be causing this?

I’ve tried the two url’s above same problem

I went to your link and am not seeing the message - are you still experiencing this? If it seems that the editor is stuck in a constant saving mode when you’re not touching anything, give your browser a re-boot and see if that clears the issue.

This is resolved

I cleared my cache, closed all browsers etc.

So if anyone is experiencing, then close your browser, clear cache and it seems to be all good after that

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