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Nothing is working again

I am reporting again because I am having the same Issue I was just having. When bubble pushed the last update it had issues. I am having it again, I am experiencing problems within the backend of it. I can’t edit a element without refreshing the page everytime I want to change a element again. It’s the same problem everyone was having. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

Is this happening to anyone else or just me?

~ Leeland.

I also just started having these weird emails form my backend workflow. Just sent an email to Bubble. The link should say my site, but instead it said: So weird.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Yeah interesting. I am going to take a wild guess and think it’s the update their trying to push. What’s what @eve said it was last time. I am going to just hold off on developing for now until we get it resolved again.

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Yeah. Me too. Coffee :coffee: break. :blush:

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Yep, coffee or beer, or both!


Any updates?

Still can’t load my dev version. Definitely drailed this work day.

Huh… I am having issues too.

Now it’s not displaying any data. I am confused. This happening to anyone else?

For me it’s just taking 5-10 minutes to get the dev version of my app to load. Lots of cloudflare errors or temporary errors. The fact that there isn’t anything up on the Bubble status page is pretty wild.

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