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Hello - a developer is creating a site for us and he is using Bubble. he told me that yesterday or two days ago, Bubble experienced an issue where he can’t use the site - is that true? please help. He says he can’t log into the backend to make changes.

You can see Bubble downtime here.


this is soooo frustrating with Bubble

I would say the majority of the time, Bubble is up and running. They do resolve issues quickly. If your team is needing something more reliable, you can also do a dedicated solution. I’m able to access Bubble even when the main site is down since I’m on my own servers.

There was an issue yesterday with reusable elements not appearing correctly on live sites, but to my knowledge, the editor was up and running without any issues. Happy to be corrected on this, but I didn’t have any issues yesterday and I’m on the main cluster, not dedicated.

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thank you…I’ll pass this along to my developer.

Hi @robp,

I’ve seen several times in the past some external developers who didn’t really like working with Bubble, maybe because the platform is too easy to use or they hate not to have confused and complex coding to do? They always complain about Bubble. This is an indicator that it may be time to change your developer. :wink:

Yes, I’m a big fan of Bubble, I have to admit! :slight_smile:

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There were moments when I wasn’t able to access the editor for the specific Bubble apps using my account. So, it might be the truth.

Yeah, it definitely happens, no doubt about that. I’m not aware of an outage yesterday, but there are definitely times where the editor is unavailable.

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