Developer Needed: Job #1 Subscription, Job #2 API

Job #1: Setting up Subscription wall

I’m looking to have certain features of my app set up behind a subscription wall. There will be a free version that gets users limited usage, but then also a paid version that unlocks more items. Things I’ll need assistance with.

  • Setting up the subscription to process payments I’m assuming I need some type of payment processor like Stripe.
  • Setting up the permissions in my app so that based on their subscription level they either have limited access or full access.

Job#2: Setting up Etsy API

I need an API set up to pull data from Etsy. After reading the Etsy Open API I’ll need to set up an OAuth 2.0 Token and execute the API. This initial setup with be with a personal API but then eventually move to a commercial one within Etsy.

Setup the OAuth 2.0 Token
Setup the Etsy API
Give guidance on how to set up the API so that it’s as automated as possible.

Please DM with your interest and give a price for either both jobs or just the one you are interested in. If you need more details let me know in the DM and I can provide what I can.


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Hello User 3ddesignbros… I would really love to be part of your project
please send me a message so we can get started

Hi @3ddesignbros sent you a dm

Pm sent with the details please check