Free plugins for Quickbooks OAuth integration - by Pathfix

2 free Quickbooks plugins by Pathfix that handle almost ALL of Quickbooks APIs and usecases.

Both plugins handle the entire OAuth process and gives you actions and calls ready for consumption.

  1. Quickbooks (Customers + Invoice) (doc link)
  2. Quickbooks (Vendor + Payments) (doc link)

1. Quickbooks (Customers + Invoice)

Focused largely on Customers and invoice (including Accounts), the plugin runs the entire CRUD function across Customers and Invoice

Calls and Actions

Plugin page

2. Quickbooks (Vendor and Payments)

The Pathfix Quickbooks (Vendor + Payments) plugin enables integration from your Bubble app to your user’s Quickbooks for Vendor and Payments.

Calls and Actions

Plugin page

If you need an API added, just let us know! :slight_smile:



Hi @Pathfix! Is it possble to create a link between quickbooks for existing app users forever? Or occassionally users will have to re-link their bubble app account with their QB account?

Hey @PhastCo yes you can, this is exactly what oauth was built for. The user will remain connected unless they explicitly disconnect or there are long API inactivity periods.