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Is it possible to create a volunteer management system with Bubble?

I just got to know about Bubble, and thought I’ll give it a try for a side project that I have been thinking of doing for quite sometime now.

I would like to create a custom volunteer management system where there would be many organizations with different user roles (admin, members and volunteers). Each organization will have it’s own dashboard UI).

For example:
Organization 1:
Admin Portal (Admin can do a lot of stuff like adding members, volunteers etc.)
Member Portal (Can add volunteers but only an admin can approve)
Volunteer Portal (Can view their own profile, and opportunities they are working on)

Organization 2:
Admin Portal (Admin can do a lot all of the functions like adding/editing/deleting members, volunteers etc.)
Member Portal (Can add volunteers but only an admin can enable/approve)
Volunteer Portal (Can view/edit their own profile, and opportunities they are working on)

…and the list can go on. Is this possible to do? How can I structure the database? Also, is it possible to convert this system to a SaaS model later on?

Appreciate your help.

Thank You,

Yes this is very doable! You can charge however you plan on (monthly charges) to monetize it. As for the database structure, we don’t have enough information to give you an example but once you start buiding the Bubble app then you will start to get a hang of it.

Cool…thank you so much! I’ve started a little bit by creating an admin type role. Have run into one big issue though:

On one of my buttons, I am displaying dynamic data, which is basically, the “Current Page Admin’s First Name”, but the button is not displaying anything. Is there something I could be doing wrong?

Not sure i can attach an image here to show what I mean!

The page isn’t assigned an Admin. Depending on how you set it up the solve could change. Is Admin a seperate data type or is it a user?

I did assign the page a type of “Admin”. Yes, Admin is a new data type I created.

Alright…after some testing, I realized that whenever I create a new account and login for the first time, the name shows up. On logging out and then logging back in, the button goes blank! I cleared browser cache, I tried from different browsers, but see the same issue! Any idea on why this could be happening?

@sonaliaagrawal I’m working on a very similar project. (and I’m pretty new to bubble as well) Happy to compare notes or troubleshoot with you if you need a sounding board :slight_smile:


I’m also curious about how to do different user roles. I didn’t manage to find any documentation on it.
Is the only way to do it, special page for each role?

this app will show you how the users data fields should look and give you an example of how different accounts would work.

Live version go here -

Editor version go here -

Hi @JGo…That’s awesome! I actually have put an hold to the project due to budget constraints, but I don’t mind partnering with the right person for this project. I did play with bubble for around 20 days (free trial), but since then haven’t done much.

Do you have a personal email that you would like to contact me with? Let me know :slight_smile:

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