Make development database match live database

Hi, Is there an easy way to copy the live database over to the development database?



Yes there is, but we don’t expose these features yet to users, as it could lead to bad stuff (basically losing your data if you do this by mistake). When you need this to be done, the best is to email us.

Would love to migrate my development database over to my live database :slight_smile:

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We expose this feature. For to the data tab, app data section.

Is there any way to copy development database to live without deleting live database users ?

No. That’s a rare use case. What you can do for this is export as CSV and import to live (or write a script that uses the API)

Got it. Thanks @emmanuel

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I don’t understand how this can be a rare use case.

Surely if you have a live app that:

  1. lets new users sign up, then

  2. how can we make db changes (in dev version) like making new tables/fields? As soon as we push it live we lose any users who signed up while we were making the db changes.

Given that db changes would typically take a week or so to properly build and test, how can it possibly be ‘rare’ that people would not want to overwrite live users who had signed up during the work/changes?

Can you please put a ‘lock’ on live users so the db can be copied from dev to live without affecting the users table?


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He was actually referring to pushing App Data.

If you add, edit or delete Data Types (structure) this will not overwrite App Data that is saved when deployed to Live.

The ‘Copy and Restore’ feature however will overwrite all App Data

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Any changes to the database structure (tables/fields) will be pushed to live when you deploy an update to your app. You don’t need to worry about losing any users - all live data in the database will not be lost during development. Only the structure changes will be added, not actual data.

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Ok - thank you.

The issue is we have built a data app. We not only make changes to tables/fields, but we pre-populate the fields with lots and lots of data. Because of the volume we have to test extensively first.

Once ready, we copy the dev db to live. But then live users are lost.

We need to avoid this - any ideas?

Thank you!


Instead of copying dev to live, just download the csv from dev and then upload to live. Then you will be able to add the dev data to the live data without losing the live data.

I could try that, but with thousands of entries I’ve seen other people complain (n the forum) about large CSV uploads. It’s also very cumbersome, but I really appreciate the reply.

Perhaps a last resort. Any other ideas?


hi, is there anyway to automatically get the dev data to be transfered to live data ?
because when i open the live site i dont see the live data, even when i use the live site to make data changes.

suggestions ?

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Hi! Same here.

Então não podemos atualizar obanco de dados do live sem perder os usuarios cadastrados.