Development database user appear in live version

Hi, I have 4 users in my development database, only 1 of them is in the live database.
I didn’t copy dev to live, btw, the 1 user in the live database was registered on live page.
Now I’m trying to register the other 3 on live page, my “email already exists” error message showed up, and wouldn’t let me register.

Any thoughts or experience to share?
Much appreciated.

@vennio :wave:

It seems you are on development version
Please check your URL & Remove /version-test from URL
then try to register
Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Or can you share some screenshots

Hi, @viquarahmed07 ,
I was using the live version on a different browser.

Strange :thinking:
I never came across this kind of issue…

Looks like bug to me
You can contact bubble support

Or you can wait for other experts opinion…

Thanks a lot, @viquarahmed07 ,
I just saw another post with the same issue, I think it’s a bug.

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