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Data not deploying to live version

Hello I uploaded data to the bubble database, and it works on the preview version, but upon deploying it to the server, the data is not showing. Please help!

The development database is different from the live database. Any users, or other data you create in dev won’t show up in the live version.

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Then why wont it revert back to a previous version which functioned previously. The deployment is stuck on the live version

And how do you connect the database from development to the live version?

Got the revert figured out, but would still love to connect my live and development database.

@littleeagle12 Did you ever figure out how to connect your development database to live database?

You can’t “connect” them exactly, but you can duplicate one over the other. Just note that any data that was on the destination DB is going to get overwritten.

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@potentialthings Ok that’s what I thought, settled for copying it over for now. Thanks!