Development to live version

Hello everyone,

I have a stupid issue. My App is ready to work in development version and live version, all the data are saved in a right way (with autobinding input). :slight_smile:
When i try it in a real life on my website, it didn’t work, i mean the data are not saved…

I don’t get it :frowning:
Any idea please?


Do you know you have a development database and a live database?

Thanks for your answer.
Yes of course :slight_smile:

I mean on development version everything is saved.
It is just when i go live version, when i suscribe, write my name (auto binding…), phone (auto binding), email… i log out and log in again and nothing is saved.
The thing very weird is i can see the data saved in my DB, but it didn’t show up on my web site
??? :frowning:

You will understand my prob below :
Development version

Live version

Maybe you can use the inspect button. This gives you information about which data should be displayed.

Maybe it has something to do with auto-binding? Can you share your editor so I can check if I can help