Did anyone else experience the SendGrid disaster?

I tried to set up an account with Sendgrid, as suggested by bubble. Unfortunately they suspended my account right after I set up the account. The message is, please contact support, but when I try to contact support, it says that I have to login first, which is not possible, because the account is suspended.

Seems like a lot of other people have the same issue:

Is there an alternative to use bubble without SendGrid?!

Please avoid Sendgrid if you can’t afford a dedicated IPadres. Take a look at Postmark. It’s easy to set up if you have experience setting up APIs.


Hi @CosmicSelf , I initially had the same issue when using my (relatively new) company e-mail. However it worked like a charm when I used my personal gmail email. I think they are using some sort of filter to protect against e-mail addresses with low « reputation ». As I use my gmail daily for plenty of sites it works and when inside it changes nothing: I was even able to later change my address to the pro e-mail that had initially been refused. Hope it helps! Jim

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After using Sendgrid, I went ahead with Postmark and I have no regrets.

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Yep. One of my top tips for new apps is just starting with Postmark, honestly. Sendgrid is so bad and switching isn’t hard, it’s just annoying if it could be avoided.

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