Did iOS 11.4 break Bubble Login Security?

I am having a devil of a time with an app that has been working but suddenly won’t allow me to log in on my iPhone.

I’ve tried two browsers: MS Edge and Safari. They both get stuck on an generic-looking “Sign in” form. It is not the one I use in the app. No matter whether I use my app-specific user ID (email) and password or the username and password set in Privacy and Security or my Bubble.is user id (email) and password, nothing allows me into the app.

I have no trouble logging in an out on the PC. (I use Chrome.)

Any ideas what might be going on and how I can fix this weird behavior?


Is the issue happening in both development and live? Mind posting a screen shot of the generic login form you’re seeing?


Thanks for the quick reply. I would have replied just as quickly but Comcast started some post-midnight work that shut me down.

I am only working in the development environment (version-test).

Here’s what I see is this:

It’s similar but not identical in Edge and Safari. An odd thing is that the browser sometimes doesn’t show the version-test part of the URL.

Now, having allowed about seven hours, the app seems to be working again in both browsers. It appears that this particular dialog window is for the Bubble app’s overall “privacy and security” user ID and password.

Another interesting detail is that the dialog format is different on the PC than on mobile.


I have experienced similar odd behavior on the iPhone. Usually I get past the Sign-in loop after a few tries but yesterday I was stuck for a very long time.

Even though I’m signed in and working now, I am confused and don’t feel that Bubble operates consistently in mobile browsers. Sigh.

Very intriguing issue. I’m thinking the issue may be more about the device. But I’d say it’s worth a bug report if it comes up again. :slight_smile:

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Is your application running in Password Protected mode?

Settings > General Tab > 2nd Option Down

The app is using Password Protected mode. That’s the username and password that eventually got me signed. I’ll keep pay attention to circumstances if the problem crops up again. For now, I’ll just attribute the problem to gremlins.

Limiting access with a username and password causes those popups on Safari. If you don’t wish to be prompted, turn that feature off. It is not on by default. You can limit the popup to Development Mode only using the checkbox below the place where you specify the username and password.

Having the popup is not the problem. It’s the fact that putting in the correct username and password does not succeed in moving past the popup.