Did Javascript just stop working in both live and editor? (no, it's UNPKG)

Both my live and dev landing page just stopped showing elements using a plug in relying on javascript AOS - Animate on scroll library.

live page is completely broken.

Hi @pedropedro I think this was your plugin?

Clearly related to one of these, again minor releases, again breaking stuff.

4/04/23 17:09
Fix labeling issue in logs tab

4/04/23 16:41
Internal fix

aaand… it’s now working again, thank god that was short blip.

Celebrated too early, it’s not resolved, the animations are simply not executing, but elements are now being displayed.

and after getting the “we just updated blah blah” on the bug page (I was just about to submit a ticket)… went back to the live page, reloaded and now it’s working again…

Hello @anyone.at.bubble… what are you guys doing??

Our app is running really slow

yeah same here. Javascript seems to execute properly after they pushed an update and forced a refresh of bubble.io

Speed seems a little wobbly still.

nope… now it’s broken again.

My javascript is working

Also having a problem with JS and Google Charts HTML embed.

Error returned yesterday:

“Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)”

Error returned today:

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘d.length’)

That’s good to know… let me try some java outside that plugin, it might be something else they’re messing with that is causing something in the plugin to not execute.

Same here. The part that’s not working is resizing multiple groups in a repeating group’s cells. Just happened this morning. My other JS seems to be working fine, however.

The refresh banner would be un-related to anything that may be happening with raw Javascript in the editor / run-mode. That banner appears when we push an update to Bubble.io which includes anything except editor work & run-mode execution. I can tell you the specific refresh banner at the time you mentioned was related to a small update to our “academy” marketing page.

As always, with things like this, the best option is to submit a bug report. The forum is not actively monitored by our support team!

Issues like this require reproduction and pattern recognition, which is very difficult for us to do without bug reports detailing your issue as it specifically relates to your application.


Thank you @sam.morgan good to know about the refresh banner.

I submitted a ticket earlier, however it’s near impossible to give you any useful information I’m afraid.

“All of the sudden pages are slow”
“Elements that were loading just fine are no longer loading, or the javascript used is not executing”

Apologies to your bug team who picks up that report :slight_smile:
But it’s also quite certain that this is/was caused by something on Bubble’s end and not on the user end.

I emailed back to the support team after having confirmed that the issue is constant across devices and on various Internet connections, to rule out device/connection issue.

Our team is actively investigating whether a change we recently made could have impacted what’s being described here - we’re following this thread. No conclusions yet, but I’ll do my best to update here if I find out more!

We’ve been seeing issues with libraries loaded from UNPKG since 12pm GMT - lots of plugins out there load resources from UNPKG on page load. This same thing happened last summer… I still haven’t got round to moving our dependencies off of UNPKG :roll_eyes:


Yep, our team just found the same thing. It looks like UNPKG is having issues at the moment: https://www.unpkg.com/status/

nice one! thank you both @sam.morgan and @exception-rambler

I was able to execute some random javascript script “open in external window” type. And that worked just fine as well. So my thread title is now looking very bad :joy:

Yes all elements using Animate on Scroll have stopped working and pages running extremely slow!!

Anyone know how to check whether a plugin uses unpkg? This is a huge problem for us right now.