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Suddenly Broken - Please help

Here is the app in question:

Why are the two math.js areas not working? They were working perfectly and now they don’t even appear.

Would really appreciate it if someone could look inside and see if I messed up something obvious.

Hmmmm It works for me - only shows after you select some room parameters. But it seems to run slowly for some reason… I’d check back again later to see if the problem persists.

Oh yes, you’re right. When I select an additional room, it starts to work. But they should display a 0 when nothing is selected…

And now I’m noticing the text above the top math.js is no longer displaying.

Really weird… I did just upgrade from a free trial to the basic tier/subscription, could that have caused it?

I would set the initial value of both to 0 to be sure the fields display the value you expect.

Also I see the text above math.js so I’m not sure but I don’t think that going from free trial to basic would have any effect. I did see you have a lot of workflows on that page and lots of conditions so maybe those are slowing it down.

Everything has a custom state of 0 when its value is empty. It’s not a matter of it loading slow. I have left it up for hours and the subtotal and total never display, UNLESS I select something from the additional rooms dropdown, then it works instantly.

I’m convinced this is a bug. Just look at the text field above the first math.js area. It’s very simple… it takes it’s value from the DateInputA value, but it never works. I have recreated it on another page and it works just fine.