Did optimizing my app lead to it not being able to be pushed to Live?

I was an idiot and tried the “optimize app” feature on an important app (I’ve never tried it before). After doing so, I get a message saying that I can’t push to sub-apps or to Live until 1 thing is fixed. And in the “fix me” window there is nothing displayed. I put in a bug report yesterday, but I worry Bubble will take it’s time trying to figure this out. I did a bunch of work on the app after the optimization so I want to avoid rolling the dev version back to before it was optimized (because I’m lazy as well as idiotic). Has anyone seen this and fixed it?

Push to sub app bug

What I’ve found surfaces the error is to open up every single page and reusable element to kick the issue checker into life. :slightly_smiling_face:


That did it! It was hiding in a calendar reusable element. Sneaky.

Thank you so much!!

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