Does anyone use the "Optimize application" feature?

I’m curious if it’s safe to delete the vast array of items that bubble thinks aren’t being used. I’m just worried it will cause issues that I won’t find for a while. Most of the items are styles and element properties, but it would still be a pain to correct things if there was an issue.

So, has anyone had negative interactions with this feature?

Thanks in advance!

I have used this feature several times in different apps, and I have never encountered anything negative. This, however, can not guarantee that you will never have a bad result.

But there’s not much to be afraid of. Before optimizing your app, create a save point and optimize your app. If it’s a live app, you’ll expect feedback from your users for a few days.

(By the way, if you don’t use versioning, it might be better not to make new improvements.)

If your app isn’t live, you can check your app, if there’s nothing wrong, you’ll continue.

If there is no bad feedback, or if you haven’t found any issues in your tests, you’ll continue with a lighter app. If there is, you will go back to the save point before you do this job, everything running will continue from the last saved point

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I have used it. It can come up with some errors shown in the error alert if you go on old pages you havent touched for a while as unused datatypes and more are deleted. But after going through the errors it always worked without an issue for me.

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