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Did Something On Mobile BUBBLE Change Or Something?

I’m working through issues that are leading me to believe that Bubble core has changed on Mobile.

An OLD mobile app made on Bubble some time ago functions different than a newer apps for some reason even when replicating the same app as new.

Did something update/change @emmanuel that would cause an old app to run smooth but a new app to not run smooth?

1. System Notifications are no longer showing up on Mobile devices similar to the attached image.

2. There is a session issue causing the system to keep trying and trying to load/log the user in (although the user does get logged in sucessfully) - the progress bar just lags at the top of the screen

Both of these issues I’ve tested with @natedogg older app (not sure when it was made) and there is no reason for my app to not function the same UNLESS something has changed on the server.

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Can someone please advise?

We haven’t pushed anything special for mobile.