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Issue loading app on mobile devices


Earlier today, Bubble was experiencing issues with the platform that was causing issues for other users loading their apps on various environments due to CPU issues. Is anyone else expecting any other issues? About half an hour ago or so I started to experience my app behaving very strangely. Currently my app isn’t Live so this is only when the app is loaded in the DEV environment. These issues seem to currently be constrained when I try to run the app on a mobile device (my app is a mobile site so that’s pretty much where I always run it). The app seems to open up fine on desktop - workflows seem to fire fine and there is no lag. I do not get any errors that there is an issue. I didn’t make any changes before this started happening, I even tried reverting my whole app to a time where things were known to be working and we are still expecting the same issues.

Issues I’m experiencing:

  • The app is running extremely slow, which seems to be impacting workflows from firing or javascript from running.
  • I’m using Bubble’s new Responsive engine which has been working wonderfully, but now it doesn’t seem like that’s working correctly. The app page continues to grow and push elements off the page.

Essentially my app is unusable on mobile currently (checked on various devices, iPhone and iPad) and is impacting some crucial development.


Do you know where to file a bug report? It’s here:

It’s a hassle to provide all of the useful data for debugging, but if there’s actually an issue that may be impacting others, it’s worth it.

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