Did the favicon function disappear?

This may be a dumb question, but did the ability to upload a favicon entirely disappear?

Documentation (and my memory) indicates it should be under Settings > General > General Appearance. But it seems entirely absent? And I can’t find it anywhere else.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Well, this is super weird… it’s there on my app that’s on a paid plan, and until I just refreshed the editor for my sandbox app (which is on the free plan and I have had open all day), there was a placeholder for it under General >> General Appearance with a button to upgrade in order to access it. But, after I refreshed the editor on my free app, the placeholder disappeared. Is your app on the free plan?

No, I am on a paid (starter) plan.

Hmm, it’s still in the expected spot in my paid app, so it’s probably worth submitting a bug report.

Will do, thanks.

I manage a few paid apps - including one on the Growth plan - and the favicon option is missing for all of them.

You could point them to this thread in the bug report. I can confirm that it is missing (I literally saw it disappear) from my app on the free plan.

I’m experiencing this same issue on a starter plan as well. I also manage a site on the Professional (legacy) plan and the favicon setting is nowhere to be seen there either.