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Did Zapier remove Bubble from their site?

Can’t find Bubble on the Zapier app list

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Yes, I believe so. I wasn’t using either Bubble or Zapier when it was there, but it must have been a trigger app before because I’ve seen it shown in previous posts in this forum from last year.

I think you’re supposed to use webhooks now instead. I’m not too knowledgeable about it. I’m new to this!

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You can find the info here


Wonderful! Thank you

You can also just use Zapier’s Webhooks trigger/action.

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@andrew1 can you explain this?

I used to use Zapier with my Bubble app, but kept (and again today) running into issues where the data from Bubble wasn’t showing up in Zapier.

There’s a video there that shows part of what I was experiencing but the dropdown next got populate with anything other than “query string XYZ” even with all sorts of refreshing, waiting, testing, retesting, etc.

I’m curious to know what you mean to see if it’s something I can try!


Sure thing @hi1

So, this is the Zapier building block you need:

Webhooks as you (may) know are the way APIs communicate with each other. In this case you use them to have Bubble and Zapier send data to each other.

If you use webhooks as trigger on Zapier, you get given a unqiue webhook URL:

You can plug this URL into the Bubble API Connector and initiate a call sending whatever data you like (no authentication).

If you use webhooks as an action on Zapier, you can GET/POST/PUT to any URL:

In this case, just create an API Workflow in Bubble and use plug endpoint URL into your zap. Then you can send whatever data you want to Bubble. Just be sure to set the Payload Type to JSON.

I’ve not extensively tested it for sending files and images, only text data at this point… but there is no reason it shouldn’t be able to handle anything.

Hope that helps. PM me if you need extra help.


Thank you!
I’m diving in!