Trigger Bubble actions from Zapier


Is there any way right now to trigger a workflow in Bubble from Zapier?
I haven’t been able to find one, and if there isn’t, are we looking forward to a function like that?


If you search the forums for Zapier you should be able to find how to use a Zapier Webhook to do this.

Hey Nigel, I did.
I’ve set up an API connector, but i’m not very advanced at this.
I can’t seem to get the data that I’m sending from Zapier, just some generic raw data through the hook, even the IDs are different

Not sure you need the API connector ? Do you mean API Workflow ?

This thread may help …

Nigel, was trying to tackle the same question. Is there any way to do this once a row is added rather than on a daily or weekly basis?


Which way round ? Bubble triggers Zapier, or Zapier triggers Bubble ?

well i’ve got the bubble to zapier to google sheets working, its the other way around that i’m struggling with.

google sheets to zapier seems to be fine, but back to bubble is blank.

(so I think zapier triggers bubble)


So push a change in a Google Sheet to Bubble ?

yep yep


Wow your good, i’ll give it a try now, thanks so much.

The time it takes depends on your Zapier plan, standard is 15 mins I think.

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