Bubble app is no longer available in Zapier?

I’ve just started learning Bubble with some video tutorials. Earlier Bubble app was in the list of apps in Zapier. Now it is not there. Why?


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I believe that’s because the Bubble Zapier trigger is still in private beta. You can find it at the link here: https://zapier.com/developer/invite/19588/b63f861cc1102e8fbe076e14a7fc72b1/


Thank you, Philip!
Is it actually usable? Or better focus on pure webhook api?

You need to install the Zapier plugin on your Bubble app for the two services to work together. AFAIK the Zapier connector should be working fine.

I’m not sure I understand this question. I believe you could build your own private plugin on Bubble or use the API Connector plugin to create your own custom connection to a server or service you manage outside of Zapier to achieve similar results.

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What a gem. How did you even find that?

Hey guys, just following this up. I see I can use the bubble/zapier integration as a trigger, is there also a way to use it as an action? I.e. someone does something external to my website and I can use that info to trigger something to happen?

The idea for us is that we have a subscription service and would like to be able to charge people who sign up via partner websites.

@emmanuel any plans for this :)?

That’s what Bubble’s Backend Workflows are for. Use Zapier (if you want) to trigger it as a Webhook.

ahhh, ok ok! thanks :smiley:

Hey @anthonycollias, we’re coming out with a new Zapier integration shortly! It will allow you to create/modify a Thing or fire off an API workflow as an action in Zapier. If you have a subscription service as a Zapier trigger, you could kick off an API workflow that handles charging a user as an action. Hope that helps, and stay tuned for our plugin announcement. :slight_smile:


Hey @sam8 super excited for this. Would it allow us to easily do something like sending sending updates to Slack when new data fields are added (i.e. new users sign up, new projects posted)? Any timeline for this? Thanks! I know we can already do all of these things but we do practically everything in Zapier as a team and being able to have this feature would be a game changer