Different collaborator rights in Development vs. Live modes

How would one implement collaborator rights that are different between the Development and Live modes of a bubble app? For example, I need a collaborator to view and edit data in Development but that same collaborator should not have access to any data in the Live environment.

Unless I am missing something - which is quite possible - the settable options on the collaboration tab do not seem to distinguish between Development and Live modes. I appreciate any insights.

@Emmanuel, may I direct my question to you? I am getting close to going live and need to restrict my collaborator to seeing development data only. I need to ensure that He/she cannot see what users enter and upload in Live/Production.

You could potentially copy the app each time, and swap the Domain.

A bit hacky, but it would mean dev/test on one App, with collaborators, and then copy to Live with none.

I much appreciate the workaround idea. That might work for us initially.

A little concerned about the “each time” piece; I anticipate ongoing deployments and human error conspiring with Murphy’s Law.

Thank you for the quick response!

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So this is not something we currently support, but we’ll look at what we can do in the coming weeks, that’s a reasonable thing to add.


That would be terrific. Thank you.

We just added this

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