What is the "Only Dev. Version" option?

What does it do when you toggle on/off the “Only Dev. Version” option in the Settings > Collaboration tab?

It means that the collaborator you add can only see or edit changes in the development version of your app, and not the live one. The databases and deployment of those two are separate, so basically you can 1) keep your collaborator from accessing live database information, and 2) allow him to develop your app, but you still have full control over deployment of new versions.


Thank you for the clarification @petter! Silly question but does that mean if the collaborator works on the “dev version” then it can be deployed at any time and swap with the existing live version? If I make the collaborator an Admin + Only Dev. Version, does that mean I will still have admin control over the live version but not the dev version? Thanks!

Yes, that’s correct. The dev. version can be swapped at any time, except that the databases are completely separate, and will not be swapped unless you specifically do so in a separate action.

The last question I’m actually not 100% sure about. The admin setting might make your collaborator capable of changing his own privileges, which may give access to live version as well. Maybe someone else here on the forum knows the answer to that, or I’d check it with Bubble support to be sure.