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Different Icons In Repeating Group

Hi, is it possible to have different icons in each group with a repeating group? Thanks!

Not 100% sure if this answers your questions, but you can place two different icons on top of each other and then set the conditional logic to show one or the other depending on the data. For example, if you have a forums app and you normally show a standard icon but you want to show a “fire” icon if the number of views is above some threshold, you can put the standard icon and fire icon in the same place, and set the fire icon to hide if view count is under your threshold and set the standard icon to hide if view count is at/over your threshold.

Not sure I’m following either. If you want the icon to be different based on what is in the cell, you can use conditional formatting for this.

Thanks so much for the help! I actually was able to get it to work by create another group, inserting the particular icon that I want in it, and sending it to the back behind the repeating group.

One other quick question, sorry. Is there any to do something below with the repeating groups? Particularly the transparent background with the image?

Thanks so much for your help!

What are you trying to do?

I am trying to create different categories for my services marketplace that have a image/icon background with a color overlay like above.

Transparency is set in the colour picker on the right. It is the “line” which is a slider.

You could certainly have a transparent shape over an image in this way.