Different prices

Hello guys, I want to create different price packages for a product. This product is a listing. So among various other things these packages are based on time, so the product will be listed for 30 days or for 15 days, etc. How do I make a product inactive so it doesnt shows on searches when it reaches the time (30 days)?

You could try when a package is listed, have an ‘endDate’ field which would be current date/time + (15/30) days.

Then when you have your searches for the packages, add a constraint to the search where endDate > current date/time.

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So, How can I make it inactive when Current date > endate? So I can send an email to user requesting him to buy another package?

You’d need to schedule an API workflow, to check for packages where current date > endDate.

Then when the workflow finds these packages, you can flag a field in the DB as ‘inactive’ and proceed to send the email to the users.

how do you schedule that?

I would check out the forum post below as well as others in the forum.