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(HELP) Cancel account for subscription


I am building a enterprise web application that has a inventory, crm and erp build-in. I made 1 plan and the plan is called Premium. So if users register they get 30 days all the functionalities after that the account gets disabled unless they upgrade. The plan upgrade feature i already made but how do i set it so that when the user does not upgrade within 30 days their account gets automatically disabled by the system?

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As workflows are event-based if I were you I would try to add a field called “expiration date” in the database. So when user sign up for a free trial, you create a user and put expiration date = current date + 30.

In your page you could have a workflow that says : when page is loaded and current user’s expiration date < current date then go to … page where you can convert them into paying customer.

IDK if it answers you question…


It did!!! Thank you very much. I am lovin gthis community here, everyone is helping eachother very fast. Thanks again.