Difficulty Accessing Parent Repeating Group's Value in Nested Repeating Groups

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I’m working on an intricate display structure in my app and have come across a puzzling issue with nested repeating groups. I’d really appreciate any insights or advice!

Objective : I’m trying to display customer orders in a structured manner, grouping first by delivery date, then by restaurant, and finally by the individual dishes.

Structure :

1) Repeating Group for Delivery Dates : Lists all unique delivery dates.
2) Repeating Group for Restaurants (nested within the Delivery Dates RG) : For each specific date, it displays all restaurants delivering on that date.
3) Repeating Group for Dishes (nested within the Restaurants RG) : This is where I’m encountering the problem. For each restaurant, I aim to list all dishes set for delivery on the date specified in the parent RG (Delivery Dates). However, I’m unable to pull the date value from this parent RG to filter accordingly.

In my logic, accessing a parent RG’s value should be straightforward, but I seem to be missing something.

Question : Has anyone faced a similar issue before? How can I access the date from the Delivery Dates RG within the Dishes RG to filter the dishes correctly?

I’ve read about the potential use of custom states and workflows to achieve this, but I’m hoping for a simpler solution without added complexity. Any advice or workarounds would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you so much in advance !


I usually refer to any group element in the same cell, as the nested repeating group, which has the parent RG’s cell data as it’s data source.

If you don’t have one just add a group element, resize it 1px by 1px then refer to that group from the nested RG.

For convenience sake I name those groups Data: Name

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Thank you so much for the tip ! I implemented the 1px by 1px group method you suggested, and it works perfectly. This is such a nifty trick, and I’ll surely keep it in mind for future builds. Appreciate your help and the insightful solution !

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