A repeating group within a repeating group

I am creating a dashboard for stores to view all their orders and the products purchased in each order.

So I created a repeating group of type orders to display all the orders and in each cell I created a group that contained another repeating group that show the list of products purchased in each order.

The problem is that when I preview the app only the last element in the repeating group (orders) shows the repeating group (list of products). Why is the nested RG only showing for the last element/cell and not all the cells in the parent repeating group.

I’ve been stuck on this for a while and would really appreciate help. Thanks.

Do you have fixed number of rows checked off?

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Yes I do, and I’m limiting it to one column. All the orders appear, but the repeating group in them doesn’t appear except in the last cell.

Can you share how did you set this up?

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Here is the Parent repeating group of type orders and it displays all the orders of the current store.

That is the group inside the Orders repeating group. Inside that group is the second repeated group that displays all the products for each order.

That is repeating group that should display the products purchased in each order but only displays the products og the last cell in the parent repeating group(order).

If you need more specific info, let me know what you need and I’ll share it. Thanks

In a group you can “store” only one record, not all the records from a database. So, when you refer to “Parent’s Group’s Order’s Item products”, you’ll get only one record. Also, it seems you have the repeating group for the Checkout Items in a group, instead directly in the cell of the RepeatingGroup Orders. I’d remove it from there and use a simpler structure, like this:

If your data structure is like you store the Order info in each Checkout record then a “Do a search” would work on the Checkout items, like this:

And this would be the end result:

But, if you store the Checked out Items inside each Order item, as list, then this would work:

Thank You, it works now!

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