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Help with nested RGs

Hey everyone!
I need some help with nested Repeating groups.
My main datatype “Ordered items” looks like this -
-due date
-list of items

  1. Order refers to “orders” table
  2. Due date is a static date, which is same for all the items in list of items of this particular order
  3. List of items refers to table “items”

Now I want to list all the items in an order with their due date right next to them with order ID as their heading like this -
Order #1
1.Item #1 DueDate
2.Item #2 DueDate
Order #2
1.Item#1 DueDate
2.Item#2 Duedate
So far, I’ve created a child group whose type is items and it displays list of items within a parent group whose type is “Ordered items”. I’ve setup the Datasource of child group as “Current cell’s Ordered items’s list of items”.
I believe this all works well. Now I can’t refer to the parent group “Ordered items”'s Due date to display it in the child RG.
Please help!



As a general example:

Title (text)
Tasks (list of tasks)

Title (text)
Project (project)

Parent RG1:
Search projects

Child RG2:
Search parent project tasks

Hey @cmarchan, I’m quite successful in doing this. But what I’m trying to do is accessing the Title of the Project from child RG as per your example.


Parent project task title