Difficulty in integrating discourse forum within app

Hi I’m trying to implement my discourse forum inside my bubble app , meaning that when an already signed in user clicks a button he is redirected to the discourse community ,

i did read this forum documents and even read the post that is on discourse itself titled

Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)

but it’s not clear at all with respect to the bubble implementation , i have no idea if all I need is check boxes or if programming is involved , first i did what is on this picture , just used these 3 options

after that I went to bubble and checked these options and filled the necessary parts and the sso secret is the same for both sites

I am not sure if the format of sso URL is correct or if the discourse base URL is valid since my community subdomain is https://community.etii.io so that is what i put

and finally i used the workflow to make a rule when the user clicks a button he is redirected to my discourse forum as seen below

and when i click preview and try to access the community using the specific button what i get is this screen

any help on what i am doing wrong or if i am even doing it right to begin with is appreciated, thank you

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