Adding a forum

Hi guys - struggling a little to incorporate Discourse into my app to use as a forum.

I do not have a Linux server and therefore believe I need a Cloud based service that uses Docker. Are you aware of any easier/bootstrapped ways to install?

Thanks in advance.

I think if you pay a one time 99 dollar free they can set it up for you.

Go read How to use the Discourse One-Click Application on DigitalOcean.
DO charges by hour, so you can test right now. I already tested it with a 5 US/month droplet, it worked perfectly

EDIT - The image in DO automates the manual setup, a nice post install read

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Anybody work out how to perform single sign on into discourse for integrating it with bubble?

So your users don’t need to sign into discourse forum?

Discourse offers SSO, but I’m just not sure how to implement the bubble part?

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I am also stuck at the bubble integration part. I seem to have setup the forum correctly, but when I try to connect it to bubble and actually test it, the error is:

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“MISSING_DATA”,“message”:“Discourse key not set”}}

Any ideas?

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