Bubble like forum (Discourse) add to own bubble-built application?


Is there a way to integrate a bubble forum to own application build on bubble.io?

https://www.discourse.org/ is the source of the bubble forum.

I would like to have such forum template within my application, with points and user data…

You can choose to use Discourse SSO with Bubble or use a Discourse Template by @ZeroqodeSupport and @J805

Discourse SSO: [New Feature] Discourse SSO

@ZeroqodeSupport’s: Forum Like Discourse Template | Bubble

@J805’s Simple Fast Loading Forum Template | Bubble

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Thanks for the such great wrapped answer!

When [New Feature] Discourse SSO is embedded with one’s bubble-built app, users within are redirected to discourse URL or it works more as a plugin?

Discourse SSO basically takes the user data from your app to login to Discourse, basically a Single Sign On

Hey @another!

You can actually see us utilizing Discourse SSO on our forum:

It will utilize your bubble’s login page, or however you login your users.

Hope this helps along with Johnny’s help,
Afterthought System

Ok, and between “when user clicks ‘Forum’” and “the forum log in”, user is redirected to Discourse URL, or is more like Bubble.io have embedded Bubble forum (http://forum.bubble.io/)?

Here’s a breakdown of Discourse SSO when setup:

  1. Click “Login” on your Discourse Forum

  2. It’ll redirect back to your app

  3. Once your account is logged in on your app you can redirect back to your forum, then it’ll automatically log you in via user information in your application


Okay, now I see, (https://forum.afterthought-system.com/), thanks for the link, that is great!

Sorry for perhaps now knowing “(no)coding” language and even IT in general language.

That is quite good, utilization. :slight_smile:

Thinking though, for the long run, beside the bubble respective fee, is it ok to pay one extra 3rd party service monthly, or try to embed a forum template and buy it once, or even build simple forum on with bubble tools…

It would be ok to pay 2-3 times Discourse subscription for such “template” so that could be embedded in bubble app that i am building, and perhaps find a person who would like to connect the two, which is one more number, i guess you guys see what I am trying to get, what you guys think?

No worries!

This is possible, you can do this if you choose to.

I think that there are advantages to hosting your forum on another server that isn’t on your main application just like how Drake has it setup. You’ll have to run less workflows, save less data, search for less data, but I think that you’ll see the difference in that depending on the amount of traffic you get on your site.


My personal preference is just hosting Discourse on Digital Ocean for $5-$10 a month, and if you’re on a Professional Plan on Bubble just host SSO there. I think there might also be a way to get Discourse SSO with some manipulation on a free or personal plan, but I’m not sure on that myself.

Hope this helps!

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