Difficulty populating the default value in drop down element from a sent parameter

Hi All -

As the title states, I’m having difficulty populating the default value in one of my drop down elements after sending a value through as a parameter. I have screenshots below, but to provide context of what I’m looking to achieve, I have a data type called ‘Sports’ where there is a text field labeled ‘Sportname’ that lists all the available sports (i.e football, baseball, etc…).

On my index page, I have a drop down element that pulls all of the ‘Sportnames’ as available choices. When the user selects one and hits search, the workflow saves that sportname as a field under the user data type as ‘Searchsubject’, sends the parameter ‘sport’ which contains the drop-downs value, and then navigates to the Search page.

On the search page, there is another drop-down element which filters the RG. Currently, the parameter is sending correctly and is in the url, but I can not get the drop-down to default to that ‘sportname’ as all it picks up is the users ‘searchsubject’.

Ultimately what I am looking to do is when someone manually types in the url or clicks from an ad, the link can already include the ‘sport’ and the correct default option will already be selected in the drop-down on the search page. I know this is not working correctly because if I change the parameter manually and reload the page, it does not change the drop-down value.

Can someone please help here?

The easiest way to trouble shoot these issues is to add a few texts at the top of the page that get the data from the url and display what you are getting. This way you can see what is actually coming through. It looks like sport should equal a text which would be a sportname (baseball, football, etc…). There is probably some small error which will become obvious if you print the values you want to see on the screen in text fields.

Thanks that is a good way to troubleshoot this going forward.

Luckily someone from bubble support was able to help and pointed me in the right direction. For anyone curious, it was mostly caused by not pulling the parameter as a text field, instead of sport.