Default value on dropdown = URL parameter's key's thing

I know questions re default values on dropdowns have been asked & answered, but I can’t find the solution to my particular problem which is getting the default value to display based on the URL parameter’s key. I’ve played about for several hours now, going through various options to no avail.

So I have a company page (in my databases a company is called a ‘place’). Once the user clicks on ‘claim this company’ they are re-directed to another page so that they can request that they get admin rights on that page. I want the drop-downs to auto-populate with the type and name of the company of the page they are coming from. Users can request admin rights without coming through from the company page which is why the dropdowns exist, but for UE it is better that when they do come from the page of the company they want to request admin rights for, the dropdowns auto-populate to reflect that company.

I have the ‘Type of Company’ dropdown (static choices) working, based on a condition which says when the URL contains “company=” the default value is Business.

Now I want the ‘Name of Company’ dropdown (dynamic choices) to display the company name which matches the place that is in the URL parameter:

As you can see from the screen grabs I’ve put the dropdown into a group, which was suggested in the answer of another topic, but it’s still not working.

Am at a loss. Please help.

Hi there, @miss.k.owen… if I am seeing things correctly, try changing your condition to when Parent group's A Place is not empty, and see if that does the trick.


Hi Mike! :slight_smile:

I added that:

And still it displays the placeholder ‘Choose an option…’:

This is dropdown business’s Appearance before conditionals in case that’s interfering (I should have included this in my original question):

Sorry, I didn’t mean to add it to what you already had… get rid of everything and only have what I showed. You shouldn’t have to check the URL for anything (which isn’t how I would go about it anyway) because you are already getting the company as the group’s data source. So, if the group’s data source isn’t empty, you should default the dropdown to the group’s company.

Like this:

That gives the same result.

If I change the search for A Places in the group to be Display Name= and then type in the business name:

Then that brings up the desired result:

So it must be to do with how I have written the search for A Place when looking for the unique ID to match the unique ID from the page URL in the group.

Unless you mean you want me to get rid of this too?

In the constraint where you are getting the company ID from the URL, try changing unique id = Get Company ID from page URL's unique id to unique id = Get Company ID from page URL.

I can’t do that - it is hungry for more :slight_smile:

This is the Parameter

This really should be easy, but it’s hard to piece it all together through forum messages. If you want to send me a link to your editor, I’m sure we can get it sorted out.

Thanks Mike :slight_smile: I’ll PM you in a bit!

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