Difficulty viewing data from 3 inputs in the repeater group

Remember the work we did where we created a custom state to save data from 3 inputs and show it on an ID card?

These same data, after going to the database, I want to display them in another ID on another page, look at the photos I’m sending so you can understand better:

hello teacher, good morning

Hello Professor, forgive me for the inconvenience, I really need your help. After doing the step by step we created and saved the data in the database.

I created a new page to display the registered data, and I see that it is missing some adjustment for it to correctly display all the data, because it only shows the first registered item and does not show the others.


This image shows in the application the data being displayed in this database that we configured.


This image shows the data saved in the database

Here is how it is being displayed in the other repeater group, showing only the first item

repeater group configuration to display database data

So, we’ve used custom state to store temporary data before saving it into the DB.
The question is - what is your DB schema and how do you create data in the DB?
From what I see in your latest post above you are storing everything in a single text field?

It is being saved in a single line of text


The image above shows how the information is going to the database

This image shows how I am getting the information to store in the database

Is there anything I need to correct?

Hello professor, good afternoon, keep looking for a way to display this data in another table but still without success. I continue to hope for your help

Why not to store it as 3 separate Things? It will be much easier to display in RGs.

And how can I do this?

I used the arbitrary text function for the first time now with this tip you gave me, so I know very little about it. I’m studying more about it.

Can you tell me how I can, after all the data is in the custom state, save it in the database separately?

Check 4. Bulk creating Things section in the tip.

I’m going to read it calmly to understand how to apply it, since the structure we created in my application is leaner than this tip, because I’m only using a temporary state to store the data.

As we configured the 3 entries (unit, description and value) are in an arbitrary text divided by (|||), I want to know how to store this data separately in the database

Hello Professor, I managed to move forward with your tips and some adjustments I made to my database.

I managed to fix an error where I wasn’t saving the information as a list, now it’s correct as you can see in the image below:

Now, on the page where I want to display this data, the repeating group is opening the correct number of cells but is only repeating the first information, as shown in the image below:

I will send you the configuration of my repeater group so you can take a look and see if you can see anything wrong or any additional configuration that I need to do to not duplicate the first information and display each data

Here it shows my table configuration (repeater group)

Here shows the cell configuration

NOTE: all data is appearing correctly in the columns,

you are just duplicating the first information.

Thanks a lot for the help