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Diplay Database Primary Field


Does anyone know how to display the “primary” field of the database?
When I am displaying my data, I would also like to display this “primary” field but I don’t know where to find it.
Let me explain,

If this is my database I would like to display : Property, Created date, Modified date.

Is there a way to do it ?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards,

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You can edit the view in the AppData tab and set it up how you want to display it.

If you look below, the circled ones are views that i have made, that is why there is a delete option next to them. You click the pencil icon to create you own views.

Start with the built in view for the datatype and edit it, that will then create a custom view of the datatype, set how you want it.

My apologies, my explanations where not clear.
I would like to display the first grey raw (fields) in my application…(not in the database)

They are accessible through the DataType name, same as any of the user fields. Just add an element and then use the insert Dynamic Text and select the datatype and then the fields you want, the inbuilt fields are usually down the bottom of the list.

Sorry Maybe I was still not clear, that the “CREATION DATE” and all the other element “MODIFIED DATE”, “PROPERTIES” that I want to list … (without writting them by hand again"

Trying to understand… how do you want to display these fields in your app? In a table like it is in the App Data tab? Can you share some kind of a mocked up example?

@romanmg Sorry If my explanation wasn’t clear.
I was searching to know, if it was possible to do a search for “the tittle fields of my database”.
To display the data like it is stored in a table.
Anyway, I realized it doesn’t make anysense so I will just use the text to write the “tittle”.
Thank you for your help and your time :slight_smile:

Ohh I got you. You want to display the field labels. Yes, you’ll have to either use a text element OR have you looked at the “Excel-Like Handson Table” plugin? It might help, although you have less customization control.

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Thank you all ! :slight_smile: