New User - Fundamental Questions

Some Guidance please…

  1. Data / Data Types / Fields for type [type name] ~ Is there a way to list Fields in the order they were created, or in a custom order, rather than the default A-Z display?

  2. Data / App Data / New Entry ~ Having dragged and dropped the Fields in Data / App Data into the correct (logical) order for data entry, Is there a way to display the Fields in the same amended order in / New Entry so that they also are in the same correct (logical) order?

  3. Where can a List of texts be defined with Contents? e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mx, Dr, Prof, Rev

  4. Where can a default Date/Time format be defined for use in all Date fields? e.g dd/mm/yyyy 24:60:60 (UK Date Format, 24 hour format).

Question 3) Solved ~ Feeling Stupid! :frowning_face:

At moments i don’t have laptop in front of me. However

  1. In Reapting Group… search for… when you open conditions there is down something called sort by dropdown menu pick created date
  2. I didn’t get it. Are you talking about database?
  3. When you choose date to be displayed in text or input … let’s say current date choose more click just after current date with mouse then date format and choose how you want date to be displayed.