Direct user to Google Maps search using dynamic data?

Hi Team,

Currently, I display the duration of travel using the Google Maps Plugin on my web app, I thought it would be cool if this also linked to the Google Maps page using dynamic data so the user can visualise the journey and enjoy the extended features/info that Google offers.

When the page loads I would want the inputs to use the dynamic data from my web app. (Users postcode as origin, location of job as destination)

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Hello again,

This is actually rather straightforward thanks to Google’s clever URL Parameter’s all that you need to do to dynamically link to Google maps is the following link:<address 1>/<address 2>/

You can input a postcode or a full address and it is pretty consistent at figuring out what you are looking to show.

In my case the link looks something like this:, Thames Court, 1 Queenhithe, London EC4V 3DX/

With the origin as the users postcode and the destination as the location of the company.

This results in the following be displayed:

Exactly the result I wanted!

Hope this helps anyone else trying to do something similar.

I have made this, but I want this embed, so the user don’t have to login on his mobile again after going back…

Is that possible?

thanks a lot!