Disable Button after Click

Hi all,

is there any possibility to disable a button after click? I want to prevent double clicks or the user click again while data was already send.

Same thing (page loading):
I want to sshow a spinnner (spinning wheel) for

  • pageload
  • pageunload (data submitted)
    Is there a way to achive this?

Thanks so much and greets,

Of course… just set a custom state value when the button is clicked, and use a condition to make it unclickable (until some further point).

nice. is it possible to define that global (for all buttons in my app)?

is it also possible to integrate some “items” global, so that I have to put it only 1 time on the editor aand it will appear on every site? for example a gloabal header for my app with a manu integrated. I want to integrate it only once in my editor. this would give me the possibility to manage the content of the header-element on a single place - not on every site in my app.

Yes, that’s what reusable elements are for.

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