Disable button link through a ionic toggle in management panel

Hi am looking to disable a button through the management panel with a ionic toggle. The button is in the homepage where all members can see, the reason i want to disable it is when i run a update maintenance, would prefer not to have anyone connect to the service while maintenance is being done. So pretty much, i am looking to disable buttons link when a ionic toggle is disabled, and reanable the link when i enable the ionic toggle.

When elements are on the same page you could use this conditional

In your case the toggle and the button are in different pages. Hence you need to create a custom state on the page where your button is located, let’s name it “Button active?” = yes/no (yes - by default).

Add conditional to the button: if the state “Button active” = no, the button is not clickable.

On your admin panel create a workflow when the toggle = “no” set the state of the page “Button active?” = no. And add addition vice versa workflow for toogle = yes.

So i got lost when it came to doing the work flow in the management side, i got the custom state made for the homepage where the button is, and the conditional set up so when its not active it disables it. But when it comes to the management, how do i setup that workflow to tie into that custom state or how do i set it I can toggle the ionic toggle to enable and disable the button.

Set up a field called IsConnectionAllowed of type Yes/No. Set up conditional flows so that the user can only connect when this field is Yes

Change the value of this field with the toggle.

That really does not help as my button is on the home page, and the ionic toggle is in the management panel. Cant get the same workflow for the ionic toggle to the button.

Once you change the value of the field that I told you above, set up a conditional statement on the button on the different page. Go to the workflow - click on the button event and in the ‘Only when’ set up a rule that only when current user’s IsConnectionAllowed is Yes.

This will stop the workflow of the button to run when IsConnectionAllowed is No

I set the buttons up on the conditional, can you explain a little more, i really don’t understand how to get it to work from the management to toggle the button.

I moved the ionic toggle to the same page as where the buttons i want to disable and enable when the status of the ionic toggle is changed, the conditional is setup to when the ionic is not checked, but how do i make it so when a member unchecks the toggle it will stay that way for all users until the ionic toggle is checked again?

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