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Disable live edits in repeating group

Hello - is it possible to turn off the live editing in a repeating group? Currently as soon as I change a value in a repeating group or add/delete a line item it instantly updates the db. I’d prefer to make the edits and then update the db when an Update button is pressed so the user can change their mind.


Hi there, @wardey0513… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you might be describing the use of custom states to temporarily store changes until a button is clicked, at which point you would save those changes to a data type. Are you familiar with custom states? Again, it sounds like that’s what you need here, so check it out.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc , yes I’ve used custom states quite a bit in the past but am unsure how I would read several rows of data into a repeating group and edit them without it automatically updating the database. I’m familiar with how I would update the data with custom states later but how do I prevent the data from updating as soon as a field is changed in the RG?

From what you’ve described it sounds as though you’re using auto binding in your inputs. So just switch that off on the inputs if you don’t want to auto update the database.

If you’re not, then I must have misunderstood the question - as nothing should update in the database without you running a workflow to update it.

Obviously, if you’re using a workflow in your repeating group to delete a database item, then it will be deleted as soon as you run the workflow.

So, as @mikeloc mentioned, if you don’t want to delete an item until, for example, a confirm button is pressed, then you’ll want to use custom states to store temporary values (i.e. a list of items to delete) until the confirm button is clicked.


Found out that I had a plug in (Maestro) running every time that an input changed on that rg item to update the row.
HOWEVER I had it that way because bubble will not allow me to access a custom state for that line to use in the update command.
For instance if I have a RG with an input box and when that input box is changed I set the new value to a custom state on that. So far so good. When I do the update workflow and try to access that custom state for that input box, the custom state is not available for me to use. Every other single input and element is available however, not sure why that one is not.

So my question now is what custom state do you put the updated value in and in what location on the RG so that it is accessible in the update workflow?

In the picture below I have a workflow to put the value from the input Base Amt into the custom state of st_base_amt which is in the group for the RG row.
When I run the update workflow, the custom state st_base_amt is not available for use so I can never access this new value to update the data,