Disable parameter syntax api call

Hello there, I’m new to bubble and I’d like to call an api with a query filter on.
I didn’t find any existant topic for that, that’s why I’m here.
Do you know if it’s possible to disable the parameter syntax in an api call, that is to say, I want to call an api with something like “www.xxx.api/xxx?display=[xx]”, the problem is that bubble recognize it as a parameter whereas I just don’t want it to be formatted.

Thank you !

Can you clarify what you mean here?

Specifically, what do you mean you don’t want it to be formatted?

what I want to say is that when I put “[]” on my call, it will be detected as a dynamic parameter, but for me it’s just the syntax of my request (like a filter query or display as I wrote there) so it’s a static text.
Sorry if I don’t manage to express myself clearly :confused:

Do you have a link to the API docs?

In any case, have you tried just putting the value [xx] in the dynamic value field for the URL?

Or have you tried encoding the square brackets in the endpoint URL? (i.e.%5B and %5D)

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Encoding the brackets works !
I had absolutely not thought of it.
Thank you so much ! :slight_smile:

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