Disable screen zoom on mobile

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable screen zooming in/out on mobile? Similar to how www.wine.com does it?


Check the general section of the settings tab.


Thanks for the response @emmanuel I didn’t see that option before but I did have the “This page is a native app” checkbox checked, so those options were already checked. The zooming appears to be disabled on Chrome, but not on Safari. Have you seen this before?

Also, I have the “Hide Safari UI component” enabled also, but it doesn’t look any different on the browser. Is it supposed to hide that bottom toolbar? If so it’s still visible.

Is there a way to specifically allow this to just one element?
My problem is the following:

  • Displaying images in repeating group
  • Click on image shows the image “ful screen” in pop-up container
  • I would like the user to zoom that image being dispalyed in the pop-up only and not the whole page let alone all pages in the application.

Thanks a lot!

use the “add to homepage” on your ISO device and then check if you’ve not done so already

thanks for your answer…I did so already. I do not get how this could solve my problem.
What I want to achieve is that the user generally cannot zoom inside the app. That is working by setting the above mentioned global parameter…however once viewing an image in fullscreen pop-up the user should zoom in and out of that picture within the pop-up by pinch zooming with two fingers (as in countless other picture viewer)

Any other idea on how to enable pinch zoom within a pop-up?
Should I create a separate topic for that?

For me the option “Prevent the user from zooming” is gone… is this correct?

Yes apple has deprecated it for UX reasons


By chance, did you guys find any workaround for this? It’s an issue for me to be unable to prevent zoom…especially in case of PWA or Mobile app…


Zoom when you enter an input field? I read on here somewhere that increasing your font size to 20 would stop that behavior. I’ve tried it and it works. Now i use that for all my mobile forms.


@mattmazzega try out this code (add it on Advanced settings> Script/meta tags in header)

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no"/>

And tell me if worked.



This worked for me! What I’ve been waiting for for weeks.

It disabled zooming when the user selects a dropdown or input field on Safari, though doesn’t disable zooming in general.

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Hi All,

I’ve asked a friend about this, and he is saying that safari will usually zoom no matter what you do (at the moment anyway, maybe this will change).

However, if you use this code he gave me…

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no">

It should disable zooming in most other browsers, although I have only tested this in Firefox (which does stop zooming).

If he can eventually bring me a solution, then I’ll be sure to post it here for everyone else.

Also, just to be clear that by zooming I mean, pinch zooming (fields won’t zoom upon click in safari or other browsers with this code, but in Safari the page will zoom once pinched)




I remember setting this option under settings - general, but now I see it’s deprecated… I’m still unable to zoom using Chrome on iOS, is there something else I need to change?


Tried this and it solved my problem. A million thanks!

Thanks Kevin, this did the trick - much appreciated!

Many thanks! I put your code in Settings > SEO/Metatags > Script in the body and my screen stopped zooming in:)

Where can I find this " Advanced setting> Script/meta tags in header"?