No zoom on Native App?

Extremely new to bubble, and creating applications for that matter. I just had a quick question about previewing the app on browser without the debugger on. when i use the link on my phone
(it opens Safari browser on Iphone) it seems i can zoom into the page when i shouldnt have to or need to. while previewing on PC (google chrome) it doesnt need to zoom nor do i have to but my question is, Is there some sort of code i need to disable zoom for this app or when i publish to… say the App store since its an app the zoom will already be disabled? i figure the zoom is just because im on a browser viewing a webpage at the moment but once im able to publish it wont be able to pinch in zoom? Thank you all for your time and Answers!!!

Hi there, @iimarzdesignz… check out this setting on the Settings >> General tab in the editor.


Thank you so much!!! I love these forums and the people who provide valuable information, I’ll remember this for other apps in the future, Thanks Mike you’re the best!

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