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Disabled the popup that comes up when deleting data from Bubbles Data entry view table

I was in the process of deleting data points from the Bubble dashboard’s data tab and app data sub tab. When I deleted individual data points, there was a popup that came up after every deletion with a checkbox to “restrict this page from creating popups” (or something like that).

When I checked the message, there was no longer a popup that showed when I deleted a data point, but the delete button no longer works and I can no longer delete separate data points. Any tips? I tried pressing undo, but that didnt seem to work.

Can you email us with a way to reproduce?

I’ve left the app alone over the weekend and today it has reset so that the prompt shows again when I delete a data point.

Last time if I clicked the checkmark then afterwards I would be unable to delete further data points. I’ll refrain from doing that this time in case it happens again.

This just happened to me too. When I logged out and logged in again, the dialogue was back. But it’s still annoying when you have to add another click to the process of deleting data item by item because you have bad data after trying to work out how a workflow should function.