Popup before deleting

hi there,

I’m having some trouble with a popup warning the user before deleting it.

please help


When you post such a question, can you show us what you did (maybe with some screenshots)? it’s much easier to help with something that exists, because like this it’s a bit too general.


okay sorry here’s a better example,

when user click icon X show popup,
When Yes is clicked delete thing (parent groups restaurants) then hide popup…
When No is clicked Hide popup

that how I’ve set it up but i think the popup is not getting the data

Looks like you’re missing a step. The restaurant isn’t being deleted because the data isn’t being sent to the popup.

I’m assuming these restaurants are in a repeating group? Before you “Show Popup Restaurants”, you should insert a step:

Element Actions > Display data (in the Group section) > Current cell’s restaurant

Even though you aren’t actually displaying any data, you have to send this to the group so that it knows which restaurant is the Parent group’s restaurant.

Hopefully I explained this clearly and helped you out!


Thank you Natedogg

That worked.


Could you show what you’ve put in,
When the user clicks the button to delete the CV which triggers the pop up

your problem is not the yes button it the button that you click for the pop up to show.

This is what you probly have (when delete file is clicked > show pop up (are you sure)

This is what you need (when delete file is clicked > elements display data (user cv ) > show pop up (are you sure)


Your welcome I’m happy to help

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Thank you so much, I was having the same issue, and breaking my head over it for an hour. Thank you.

Almost 10 years later, I was learning and having trouble with the same thing and this helped me a lot. Thanks, @natedogg!

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