Confirm delete data type? Please?

Well, I just suffered my first big Bubble catastrophe. As I was navigating making changes in the data tab of my editor, I accidentally clicked right on the trash can icon for a data type.

Deep down i knew it would be deleted, and “edit>undo” would not be able to recover it. But for a moment I hoped that I would get a pop-up to confirm/cancel deleting such a critical element.

Not sure if there is a reason to not integrate a failsafe like that, but I am definitely suffering the downsides of not having a pop-up to confirm whether or not I want to delete a whole data type.

You know you can show deleted types and restore it, right?

If you didn’t know that, click the (show delete types) link right beside the Custom data types header on the Data types tab, and you will be able to restore it immediately. Yes, I know that doesn’t negate the “need” for a confirmation dialog, but it is definitely not a catastrophe because you can undo it with two clicks.


No, not when I posted, but I hit up support also, and just found out. :upside_down_face:


You could also try creating a save point when you have a personal plan or above

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You can also go to history and manually type in a time to revert back to.

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But yes, agreed, a popup would be helpful before deleting.