Disabling Link Tracking in Postmark

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to disable link tracking in Postmark, so that when emails are sent, they point to the link www.example.com and not click.pstmrk.it/example.com/etcetc.

I have disabled link tracking on my Postmark account however it still seems to be occuring.

Postmark’s support have asked if I could: “Provide the full JSON used to send a message after the link tracking was disabled that is still seeing the links enabled within the message.” - anyone know how to do this?

Alternatively, anyone know why the link tracking won’t go away?



Hey @petesmith89,

You’d need to disable it within your API call for Postmark

Hey @johnny! I don’t really see an option to do that?

Are you using a plugin or the API connector. I personally use the API connector, if it’s a plugin you might consider asking the plugin author

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if you take a peak at the plugin code you should see thats its baked in to track “TrackOpens”: true,…so as you say use the api direct

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Brilliant! Thanks both of you

Just pushed a new version that adds two fields to manage that and tracking for opened emails.
OP already knew it through private messaging, adding this here for others who may come by the thread.


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