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Disappearing design & workflow

I wanted to confirm if anyone else encountered this.

My design and all the elements disappeared to be replaced with a default bubble template.
Also the workflow went to a blank state.

However, the database is still the old one that I setup and the plugins are the one’s I previously set.
I still had the preview window open and it still works but of course nothing to update the design off of.

Did I push something to cause this or is it a bug? Not really sure.

Thanks - John

It happened to me a few days ago with Workflows. They disappeared for like two hours but after sometime it got back to normal.

Great thanks @mario1. Good to know I’m not alone.

Luckily I was only testing out some designs so I think I’ll make sure to make a copy of my app every so often to have a “backup” in case it happens again.


Ok so I think I might have pressed a button that took me away from my page and over to the index so I found it now and it looks good. I’d count this as my error vs bubble.


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